Built with zero gravity in mind

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Innovating further

After introducing the Bliss lounger into the luxury lounger market we decided to see where we could yet again differentiate from the other loungers and innovate further.

Bringing the household recliner to the theatre

The Bliss Zero was then created to bring the household zero gravity recliner to the theatre, but with commercial grade quality and durability providing an unparalleled cinema seating experience

A Zero-gravity Recline.

Bliss Zero creates a zero gravity seating position by reclining through a pivoting motion. Like all Bliss Loungers, the design of Bliss Zero is based on NASA human ergonomics studies and the neutral body position.


Increases oxygenation, improves circulation, and reduces muscle fatigue

The commercial grade structural integrity of the Bliss Lounger withstands use-after-use, providing moviegoers with comfort and Bliss for every showing

is modular

Swap out any part with ease.

From the backs to the seats to the arms and leg rest, every component can be replaced with no difficulty. Looking for improved ROI in theatre seating? You’ve found it here.

zero is compatible with

Open and Close all of your chairs at once with a touch of a button

Time to open all chairs 5 seconds
Time to close all chairs 5 seconds
Time to open and close all chairs 10 seconds

Costs Up Front
$650 per auditorium Programming / coding setup, includes mobile app
$48 per chair Upgraded Magic Box with Wi-Fi capability
Labor Savings 1 THEATRE, 100 CHAIRS
Competitors Lounger
Time to open chair 10 seconds x 100 = 16:40 minutes 16:40
Time to close chair 10 seconds x 100 = 16:40 minutes 16:40
Time to open and close chair 39.20 minutes 39:20


Customize the perfect lounger back with the Build-A-Back® feature of Bliss Zero.

With Build-A-Back there is the option to choose between four different back styles. Not only are there four styles to choose from, but then we make it possible for the density of fiber in each pillow to be chosen for maximum customization.

Once the density of fiber is determined, the Build-A-Back sample will need to be sent back to First Class Seating so we can determine the fiber density to make the back, just as they are requested.

ZERO most popular selections

Apple Green

Compatible with
sloped and level floors.

Level Floors

Each armrest sits parallel to the floor on feet that keep a 1’’ spacing for cleaning capabilities.

Sloped Floors

Our sloped arms allow maximum adjust- ability on sloped floors while maintaining at least a 1” gap for cleaning capabilities.


  • Removable armrest options: 3D laminate and 3D laminate with elbow pad
  • Swivel Tables with cup holders
  • Number and letter plates
  • Heating Elements for seat
  • Premium sewing patterns and embroidery available
  • Upholstery fabric upgrades
  • California TB 133 upholstery fabric liner

Greystone Line.

structural integrity. best in class customer service. durability.
Bliss Cipher ®
Bliss Cipher ®
Harmony Elite
Harmony Elite
Manhattan Planetarium
Manhattan Planetarium